Path to Mastery

Master your mind, master your energy, master your life

Presented by Todd Chicks Healing Arts

DATES: December 10–13, 2018 – 4 DAYS / 3 HRS OF TRAINING PER DAY


This course contains the most powerful and secret Chi Kung techniques from China and magical practices coming from ancient Egypt known as 'Hermetics' – the study of universal law through direct experience.  We work with the elements of nature and practice inner alchemy to transform energy and tap into our highest potential.  The training is 1/3 physical, 1/3 mental and 1/3 psychic. We develop the fascia in the body to become strong energy conductors, we train the mind to be clear and concentrated so we can create and direct as we wish, and we train our inner vision to access information beyond the physical.  This training enables us to become very powerful human beings, on all levels.



The practices of this course will build strong will power, mental focus, ability to direct energy at will, and heal.  These exercises have extreme health benefits which can be felt instantaneously.

​You will experience the energy of the universe, know what it feels like, be able to see it and be able to direct it at will.  You will be faster, stronger, more coordinated and connected. You will also develop a strong and stable mind and a strong will power. This leads you to an enlivened spirit and clarity of direction in life. With these skills, you will be able to manifest what you wish in your life. 


Suitable for all levels and all people, no matter their current practice or path, and highly recommended for any healers and people already involved with energy work. 


What we ´ll cover

  • Chan Yuan Gong movement sequence

  • Bone marrow washing

  • Chi power building

  • Fascia development

  • Inner alchemical transformations

  • Clairvoyance training

  • Self-healing exercises

  • Sensory overlapping


Preliminary Schedule: 9:30am to 12:30pm 

Recommended: bring a notebook and pen.

Todd Chicks

Todd has travelled extensively throughout China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central and South America trying out many different styles of yoga and spiritual practices. There came a point in his travels when he experienced that the most effective practice for his mind, body, and spirit was Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and Hermetics (the practice of magic through alchemical processes from ancient Egypt) discovering that these practices put him in a great state of flow, ease, inner strength and mental power and were also just highly enjoyable to practice. For years he then pursued this further, studying with many masters from all over the world and soaking in as much knowledge as he could. He now wishes to share this knowledge with the people in hope that they can experience the same benefits they have done for him.

His teachings focus on training all the aspects of being - the physical (vital), emotional (astral), mental, and spiritual (Akasa). He works to give his students a greatly enhanced experience of energy, from the basics of how to feel it, to becoming a super energy conductor and being able to understand and use the forces of life to our advantage. 


Todd was born in England on December 15, 1991. He moved to Barcelona, Spain, at the age of 13 and began his world travels at 19.