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La Negra has a total of nine unique rooms that are located in two, two-story buildings: the main building , which has a black concrete exterior that is oriented along a east-west axis and also houses the reception, restaurant and wellness studio; and the hotel building, which has a black bamboo exterior and is oriented along a north-south axis.  Together, the two buildings form an "L" shape and the pool and outdoor lounge and dining area nestled between them.

While each room is different, high-speed wifi internet service pervades each of the rooms and the outdoor areas with access points strategically located throughout the hotel premises.  In addition, each room is equipped with local and organic handmade soaps and lotions by Raw Botanicals, filtered water in glass bottles, premium Costa Rica espresso coffee from Cafe Britt and Turkish beach towels, among other amenities.



Room 1 is spacious, cool and shady and oriented towards the hills.  It is located on the ground floor of the main building and has a private terrace with a hammock and seating for two.  

430 square feet | 40 square meters



Room 2 is bright and airy and faces the pool.  It is located on the ground floor of the hotel building.  It has a private terrace with shade in the mornings and sun in the afternoons.  

340 square feet | 32 square meters



Room 3 is cool and shady and faces the pool.   It is located on the ground floor.  It has a private terrace with shade in the mornings and sun in the afternoons.  The terrace is equipped with a hammock and seating for two.

355 square feet | 33 square meters



Room 4 is one of our largest rooms because of its large outdoor terrace.  It is located on the ground floor on the back side of the hotel building.  It is covered and shady all day and gets filtered sunset rays on the terrace in the afternoons. 

459 square feet | 43 square meters



Room 5 is located upstairs in the hotel building.  A spiral staircase leads you to a wood-floored entrance hallway with a hammock chair that also serves as a small outdoor private terrace.  With two beds it is ideal for friends and family that prefer to have their own beds. 

250 square feet | 23 square meters



Room 6 is located upstairs facing the pool.  It has a private large outdoor terrace shaded by a giant pochote tree protruding through the wooden deck—an ideal place to enjoy your morning coffee or practice sun salutations before your sunset surfing session.  

471 square feet | 44 square meters



Room 7 is a guest favorite for its privacy and Zen ambience.  It is located upstairs in the rear corner of the hotel, oriented north.  Its large covered terrace serves as a spacious and tranquil living room and kitchen...

454 square feet | 42 square meters



Room 8 sleeps up to three people and is our largest room in terms of bedroom area with a king bed, twin bed, a large closet, a comfortable desk and still more floor space to move about and stretch out.

397 square feet | 37 square meters



Room 9 offers a unique floor plan and distinctive design with white brick divisions between the bedroom, bathroom and shower, and a row of large glass pane, screened windows overlooking the pool, which provide indirect sunlight and fresh breezes

349 square feet | 32 square meters


Casa Palmera

Casa Palmera is a private 5 bedroom, 5 bath villa located just steps from the Baker's beach entrance of Playa Guiones. This spacious modern home offers a unique luxurious stay for families or groups. 

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