La Negra Surf Hotel

400 metros oeste del Hotel Giardino Tropicale

Playa Guiones, Nosara

Guanacaste 50206 Costa Rica

+506 2682-0700

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We offer two yoga classes each day in our studio, exclusively for our hotel guests. 


7:00 am Sun Salutations 

11:00am Vinyasa Flow

We encourage all guests to attend both of these classes each day during their stay at La Negra.  Attendance is not obligatory but recommended.  Both of the classes are intended to be dynamic.  The specifics of each class will vary depending on the individuals that comprise our guests, their energies and their experiences and the yogi's disposition and intentions.  No prior yoga experience is required.

The early morning class is intended to start your day and to align your body and mind in order to surf and otherwise take advantage of the rare and precious opportunity of another day in this life.   The early morning class runs approximately 40 minutes.

The late morning class is intended to be a complete practice incorporating breath work and vinyasas.  The late morning class runs approximately 1 hour.  



We recommend and invite you meditate daily during your stay at La Negra.  We practice vipassana mediation.  In order to encourage your practice, there is one hour of peace and quiet during each day reserved for meditation at La Negra.


Please appreciate that we cannot control street noise and other human activity in the surrounding area. You are invited to practice meditation in the studio.  We believe practicing meditation in a group is beneficial.  However, if you prefer to meditate alone, please do so in your room, or anywhere else you find comfortable. Please be as quiet as possible during these hours and do not disturb your fellow guests.

Vipassana meditation does not require any prior experience or special knowledge.  For those of our guests that have never meditated before, we consider it an honor to provide you the opportunity to begin a lifetime of practice.  The only prerequisite for meditation at La Negra is your desire to experience compassion and liberation.

Meditation Hour is 2:00pm-3:00pm daily.


Our studio is open to our hotel guests for their use and enjoyment during their stay at all hours when it is not in use for a scheduled class or meditation hour.  We invite you to warm-up, cool-down, practice yoga, stretch, workout, relax and roll around on foam rollers in our studio, which is located upstairs with and easily accessible to all guests.   Yoga mats, blocks, elastic straps, cushions and foam rollers are provided. 

The studio is open during the daylight hours.


Mela Golcher is La Negra's yogi host for the 2019-2020 season at La Negra.  She will be teaching our daily yoga classes, supervising our daily meditation and attending to our guests.


How did your journey in yoga begin?


Around 8 years ago, I was chilling with a friend and there wasn't much to do, so he suggested to go to a yoga class. I remember the class being very advanced and I was struggling so bad haha but the after feeling when we finished, was such a high, I loved it. So I started to go on my own to classes that were close home at least once a week. After some years I was ready to be more constant and discipline in my practice, I was having a hard time and yoga helped a lot! Life is so amazing that I ended up moving to Nosara, where I have met the most wonderful teachers, teachings and studios to practice. After 3 years of constant practice I decided to do the teacher yoga training with the Yoga Collective Nosara. 


What’s your mission as a yoga instructor? Who are you trying to reach and why?


My mission as a Yoga instructor is to create a safe space, where people can have a moment to explore their insides (emotions and mind) and their bodies. I want to reach people that are curious about themselves, how they feel and react to situations, how they express, how they take care of themselves. When people are open to discover what happens on their inside, instead of looking for answers out there, they can use yoga as a powerful tool. 


What is the goal of yoga as you see it?


For me the goal of yoga is to give an opportunity to focus on your own personal path of consciousness awareness, instead of focusing on so many distractions that comes with society and the world outside ourselves. 


What have you found to be the most common misconceptions about yoga?


The classic misconception is that yoga is only for flexible people. I disagree because there are so many ways of practicing yoga, variations and a more profound meaning than just making splits and handstands. 

Another misconception I've heard is that is a religious practice, or if you are part of a western religion you can not practice. Yoga is a spiritual practice, and can be part of any beliefs. Besides all traditional religion share the same essence in their beliefs. 


What advice would you give someone who feels they can’t practice yoga because they don’t have the right kind of body?


My advice would be to be more gentle with himself/herself. Hearing our bodies is part of yoga, as well as it is to discover different parts of your body, and what happens on your inside when you do some movements and breathing. There is a big chance the person will feel better after the class, with their bodies, and with themselves because of taking the chance and to try something new. I also try to be considerate with my students, I usually ask before the class if there is any pain I should know and if they have done yoga before. For me this is important to address as an instructor. 


What is your personal practice? Do you have a practice that you try to follow daily?


My personal practice is to take the first hour of the day to connect with myself. This can change from day to day, and it goes between walking on the beach by myself, do my favorites breath techniques and meditate, do a yoga sequence, swim in the ocean, write on my journal or dance at home hahaha.

Why are you excited to teach at La Negra?


Since I move to Nosara, La Negra has been an arms-open place for me and my dear ones. The fact that it is just at the entrance to the beach makes it a place where friends get together, go for a swim or watch the sunset, then have dinner and so that makes it a very hugging place that I really enjoy. I am excited for the cool people that La Negra always attracts, and looking forward to meet them at the yoga mat.