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Tao of Surfing

The Tao of Surfing Retreat

Between Water and Earth


 Six Days of Ancient Taoist Healing Arts and Surfing in Nosara, Costa Rica


La Negra Surf Hotel, Playa Guiones

Upcoming dates to be determined

Contact us if you are interested or would like more information


Six days and 7 nights immersion retreat of pure nature, training and wellbeing in the beautiful Blue Zone of Nosara, Costa Rica . This unique program will unify surfing and the ancient Taoist arts and provide you an incomparable experience in health and personal development.  This comprehensive and exlusive program includes:


  • Six days of surfing and ancient wellness

  • Beachside luxurious accommodations in Nosara, Costa Rica.

  • High quality education and coaching

  • Excellent food

  • Deep connection with nature

  • Self and spiritual cultivation 

  • Energy healing medicine

  • New skills about your body and mind 

  • Harmony, balance, empowerment, awareness, fitness.


During the journey you will have time to focus on each activity in detail and separately. The body mind training (Qigong, Meditation, Taichi, Kung Fu) will be a phenomenal complement, enhancing your surfing performance. The routines are strategically designed to develop strength, flexibility, courage and endurance, all of which are critical for effective surfing.

The Surfing Experience - the Water Element

Let's go deep in your joy and spend time in the ocean. Learn, develop or refine your Surfing during a 6 day journey. A complete Surfing experience and education with local Professional Coaches in the famous Playa Guiones. 

Tao Healing Arts - the Earth Element

Body-mind training and development through the Ancient Taoist and Buddhist Arts: Qigong, Meditation and Taichi practices to elevate your Self Mastery and open the doors of your inner spiritual potential and wellbeing.



Spaces are limited for this unique experience.  Attendees may choose from any of La Negra Surf Hotel’s nine unique hotel rooms on a first come first serve basis.  Most rooms contain a king or queen sized bed, ideal for two people. We also offer one room with a king and a twin, and a second room with a queen and a twin bed.  Retreat attendees may share a room with a companion also participating in the retreat.  Otherwise, attendees will each have a separate room.



Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day during the retreat.  All meals will use local, fresh and organic ingredients. Meals will be healthy (no processed foods, no fried foods, no sugar added) with an emphasis on local fresh fruits and vegetables. All meals will be well suited for vegetarians and/or vegans, moreover animal protein (eggs, beef, poultry or fish) will be available if participants desire.​

Local life

During your free time enjoy Nosara's laidback way of living. You will be walking distance from the town center and many activities. From an acupressure massage to a canoe tour in the mangrove or even a sunset on a boat after a snorkel session, our team would be happy to help you book some of the many special activities Nosara has to offer.

Benefits of The Tao of Surfing Program


  • Lots of surfing in tropical water

  • Reach body mind connection

  • Awaken Qi flow (energy life force)

  • Physical and Mental development

  • Self-centering and confidence

  • Regain awareness of your inner world

  • Strength muscles, tendons and fascia

  • Detox and internal organ cleanse

  • Better body alignment

  • Deep Relaxation, calming stress and anxiety

  • Improve elasticity, strength and endurance

  • Improve concentration and coordination

  • Solidify immune system

  • Water Mind development and understanding

  • Daily healing habits

  • Zen attitude


Arts Training

  • Qigong set for strong and flexible body

  • Qigong breathing routine

  • Qigong Warm up and  dynamic stretching

  • Qigong Standing Meditation Practice (Zhan Zhuang)

  • Kung Fu Foundation, forms and physical development

  • Taichi movements and principles

  • Zen Meditation 


Surfing experience

  • Daily surfing lessons and coaching ( all equipment included)

  • All levels of surfing are welcome

  • Professional, experience and qualified surf instructors

  • One or two surf sessions each day in Playa Guiones

  • Private and group instruction targeted to your particular level of surfing.

  • Video analysis

  • Boards, rash guards, wax and sunscreen will be provided.



  • Surfing technique

  • Taoist Philosophy 

  • Zen Buddhism 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine basics

Typical Daily Schedule












Light breakfast and coffee/tea



Video analysis in the studio


Qigong/Taichi in Studio or on Beach

Free time

One on one consertations

Philosophy lecture in the studio and individual questions

A welcome dinner is included on June 10th.

A farewell dinner together is included on June 16th.


Retreat Leaders

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