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Discover Your Original Nature

Located just steps from the breathtaking Playa Guiones beach in Nosara, Costa Rica, La Negra Surf Hotel is an authentic utopia for barefoot wanderers and those guided by the natural beauty of the ocean. During your stay at our small boutique surf hotel, you’ll find booming swells, intoxicating sunshine, and sweeping tropical breezes coming in from the horizon. Unplug and restore your sense of balance at this beautiful Costa Rica oasis.

Bordered by the wondrous Ostional Maritime Wildlife Refuge, La Negra offers its guests nine private rooms shrouded in lush jungle forest. Just steps from the glittering waves of Playa Guiones beaches, La Negra Surf Hotel is the perfect location for relaxation and exploration as you reconnect your soul to nature.  Clean, simple and comfortable, let us provide your exclusive beachside abode for your personal Nosara experience.


Casa Palmera is a private 5 bedroom, 5 bath villa located just steps from the Baker's beach entrance of Playa Guiones. This spacious modern home offers a unique luxurious stay for families or groups. The Casa includes a large pool and deck area, five private bedrooms (and additional  potential sleeping options), five complete bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, as well as a separate independent guest house. 


La Negra offers its guests the unparalleled ability to experience a rare and overwhelming connection with the natural world through surfing. 


Whether travelers want to experience incredible waves at a world-class surf destination or are getting on a board for the first time, Playa Guiones has something for everyone. 


At our acclaimed surf school, endless knowledge and support is provided from our expert instructors to help master the complex art of surfing. These lessons are offered to everyone from complete beginners to experienced riders wanting to sharpen their skillset.


For guests who are interested in strengthening their spiritual and physical well-being, La Negra offers its guests a variety of wellness offerings rooted in ancient eastern concepts to help channel a natural sense of balance and euphoric zen. 


With our private classes, training, and unique wellness sessions that take place in our very own studio, guests can take part in a raw and fulfilling experience to help empower their needs and spiritual goals.

Located inside La Negra Surf Hotel is the vibrant and delicious Destiny Cafe. The number one brunch destination in Nosara for locals and visitors, Destiny Café offers a creative and contemporary menu with fresh local ingredients and specializes in serving keto, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Hotel guests receive exclusive table service in the garden and pool area.

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