La Negra is located right in front of Playa Guiones.  It is an ideal location for travelers that want to surf as much as possible during their stay.  The beach is a short walk down the jungle path that starts at the hotel.  The sand is approximately 100 meters from the hotel grounds.    


Playa Guiones is a world-class surf destination.  It has great waves for all levels of surfing--beginners to experts.  With broad and unobstructed western exposure to the Pacific Ocean, large tide swings, a sandy bottom and prevailing off-shore winds, Guiones is diverse beach break that always has waves.

For surfers that are looking to explore the coast, incredible waves can also be found at diverse breaks to the north and south that are less than an hour driver away, such as Marbella, Ostional and Camaronal.

La Negra Surf School

Surfing is our passion, sport, spiritual practice, life style and discipline.  Sliding on a wave with a surfboard is joyous connection between the human spirit and the natural energy of the ocean.   We hope that all our guests will celebrate the wonder of surfing during their stay at La Negra.

Whether you have never been on a surfboard before or you just want to take your surfing to the next level, La Negra Surf School will give you the instruction to make your surfing dreams come true.  


La Negra Surf School is directed by Costa Rican certified surf instructor Juan Carlos Flores Rugama.  Juan Carlos is as passionate about teaching surfing as he is about surfing.  He has taught literally hundreds of people to surf using proven teaching methods adapted to the personalities and needs of each of his students.

Private surf classes run approximately 1.5 hours.  For beginners, we start with some physical exercises on land and explain the basics of surfing.  After that, we head to the water where your instructor will coach you one-on-one and help you practice the fundamentals until you are ready to catch waves on your own. 

JC (1).jpg

For surfers with more experience, we will teach you about wave selection and improve your technique.  Your coach will paddle out with you and guide you to find the best waves for your level.

When you are riding waves on your own, we will video tape your waves from the beach and review each wave with you one-on-one to show you what you are doing right and how you can improve. 


We can also edit all your best waves to make you a highlight movie of your surfing experience at La Negra. 

Juan Carlos and his instructors offer private surf lessons to hotel guests everyday, usually in the mornings and afternoons depending on tides and weather conditions.  You can book your lessons by e-mailing us or upon arrival.