La Negra offers its guests an on-going surf, qigong, yoga and meditation retreat.  The La Negra Experience is an active daily schedule geared towards mindful surfers and yoga practitioners that want to make the most out of their stay in Nosara. 


As a hotel guest, you are invited participate in our daily routine of surfing, yoga, qigong and meditation. Yoga and qigong classes are included in the room rate. 


  • During the high season (December through April), we offer two (2) classes per day of either yoga or qigong.


  • During the green season (May through November), we offer one (1) class per day of either yoga or qigong.


If you do not already know how to surf, we recommend that you sign up for surf classes during your stay. 


Whether you stay with us for two nights or two weeks, you can participate in the on-going La Negra Experience.  Unlike typical surf/yoga retreats that require you to rearrange your schedule, sign-up months in advance or travel on inconvenient dates, the La Negra Experience is happening all the time.  All you have to do is reserve your room and get here and you're in! 

We do not require our guests to participate in our experience.  It is not obligatory, but it’s highly recommended, and we hope that our guests will stay with us because they want to participate—because they want to join in and share in our community.  

All qi gong and yoga classes and mediation are private sessions for our hotel guests only, and are included in the room rate.  Breakfast is also included in the room rate.  Surfing classes, surfboard rentals, and all other meals and beverages are additional costs that are not included in the room rate.  

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