During the summer months, we offer daily yoga classes in our studio.  Our studio is also always open for general use to our guests.  Our studio is currently closed until November 2018.  Please check back or join our mailing list for updates.  Below are some of the offerings in our yoga studio.



In addition to our public yoga schedule, we offer private yoga instruction in a variety of yoga styles, for all levels--beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Take advantage of our open-air studio and the rich yoga and fitness community in Nosara.  Schedule private classes to suit your goals, your needs and your schedule during your stay at La Negra.  Private instruction is available for one-on-one, couples or groups.  Contact to schedule your private instruction prior to your arrival. 


Our yoga studio is open to our hotel guests for their use and enjoyment during their stay.  Yoga mats, blocks and straps are provided.


Vinyasa Flow

Expect to move from pose to pose, sweat and connect to your breath. Whether the class is fast or slow, includes advanced poses or is alignment oriented will depend on the individual teacher and the particular style on which he or she is trained. Vinyasa allows for a lot of variety but will almost always include sun or moon salutations and sequences. Accesible to all levels.


Self Awakening Yoga

Focusing on the breath to accessing primal sound, unlock wisdom and power of prana to engage the body’s healing powers. Focus on natural movements that encourage body awareness, intuitive moving, emulating the process of learning to walk as a child.  This style of yoga is a wonderful complement for surfing, running and other physically demanding activities. 

Align & Flow

A class that focus on optimal alignment, attention to detail and intention in your heart. Classes typically move through a warm up into strategically sequenced postures, working towards a peak pose or targeting a specific body part. A class suitable for beginners and anyone looking to experience greater stability, freedom and ease in each pose. The instructor gives many cues and demos, based in the Universal Principles of Alignment of the Anusara School. 

Traditional Yoga

Emphasizing the use of bandhas, breath and vinyasa, move, flow and gradually build strength while you learn the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Yoga lineage from South India. A great class for Ashtanga beginners or anyone who wants to experience the magic of the method and tune up their practice. Work on mayor muscle groups with an emphasis on standing poses and lots forward folding. Purify the body, restore balance & heal disease.

Pound Workout

If you've dreamed of channeling your inner rock star into a fitness plan, it's time to POUND. The Pound Workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout. From start to finish, lively, heart-pumping movements and upbeat tunes keep the workout feeling fresh. The class is always moving, always changing, and always pushing the body to its limits.